Speedy and secure transfers

Speedy and secure transfers

Transfer your files quickly and safely. Save your files publicly (on one of your domains) or in your private folder which only you have access to.

No listening in

Prevent people from snooping your password and the files you transfer to the web sites, by using secure FTP (FTPS). Supported by most newer FTP clients, FTPS disallows people on the same network from listening in on what you are transferring. If your FTP program does not support FTPS, you may also connect using regular FTP.

Blazing Bandwidth

Our fast, redundant, gigabit connections ensures speedy transfers of large files. Useful to make remote backups of your local files.

Separate Content for each Domain Name

You can have as many domains as you wish on one hosting account. When logging in over FTP, you will see a folder for each domain name, so you can upload different contents for each domain name.