PHP 7.4 has now been released

PHP 7.4 has now been released

The PHP team today released PHP 7.4, bringing a few bigger new features and many small refinements.

PHP preloading can yield a significant performance boost especially to large frameworks using a lot of libraries.

PHP extensions can be loaded directly from userland, meaning it can be done without configuration on the server.

Arrow functions, like in JavaScript, allows for a shorter syntax when you define closure functions. Class properties can be type hinted. You can use the spread operator (...) in arrays.

Check this blog article at for a full list of changes in PHP 7.4.

From today, all Gigahost accounts can use PHP 7.4.

HTTP/2 supported on all accounts

As a result of having upgraded our infrastructure, we are happy to report that HTTP/2 connections are now supported on all hosting accounts.

This is a major revision of the HTTP protocol used on the Internet, which brings an increase in speed. It is supported by all major web browsers.

You do not have to change anything to make use of HTTP/2, as all accounts are automatically being switched over.

The infrastructure upgrade also brings better and faster HTTPS, with support for TLS 1.3.