WordPress plug-ins

WordPress plug-ins

We've noticed that a lot of our customers use the WordPress blog platform. We've been using WordPress ourselves and like it a lot. Here's a couple of the most popular plug-ins for WordPress:

Akismet Anti-spam – Efficient anti-spam plugin for your blog, which blocks most spam comments. In order to install this plug-in, you'll need an API key, which you can get by registering at WordPress.com (for free).

WordPress DB Manager – Perform back-ups of your WordPress database, easily and quickly. You can also optimize your database without using phpMyAdmin or other database tools.

PHP Exec – Makes it possible to run PHP scripts one or more places on your blog, where PHP is otherwise not accepted.

Extreme Video – Insert YouTube or Google Videos in your blog. The newest version also makes it possible to upload your own videos in .avi, .mpg, or .mov (QuickTime) format.

Social Bookmarks Bar – Makes it easy for your visitors to add your blog to Digg, Technorati, Reddit, and many other social networks.

For more plug-ins, take a look at wordpress.org/extend/plugins.

Update 2011: Some of these plug-ins are no longer maintained, or have been replaced by new plug-ins. Use the above links at your own risk.

Maintenance Works

Maintenance Works

At the moment we are performing a lot of network and systems maintenance, which unfortunately means that we had to stop accepting new sign-ups for the next while. We expect to be back and ready again this Monday, November 13.

[Update] We're back and ready to accept new orders, gigahost.uk/order.

Download Firefox 2 Beta 2

Download Firefox 2 Beta 2

Mozilla has released the second beta of Firefox 2 to developers. This new version will sport a new look and feel, phishing protection, improved search, and a built-in spellchecker. There is a long list of smaller improvements and bug fixes. The final version is expected to be released in the beginning of 2007.

Happy 15th, World Wide Web!

In August 1991, Tim Berners-Lee introduced the “World Wide Web” in the usenet forum alt.hypertext. This technology has expanded into the technology we use today, even in modern Web 2.0 sites.

BBC.co.uk is celebrating the day by showing a timeline of the web and its history, from being used mainly by researchers to becoming part of all our lives. Everything about Netscape, Hotmail, Google, Napster, and much more.

CrazyEgg Heatmap Stats

CrazyEgg Heatmap Stats

CrazyEgg is a new service which shows a heat map of your web sites, including what people are clicking (banners, links etc.), and general user activity. It works by installing a script which then will track users and send the info to your CrazyEgg account.

You can choose between getting your web site tested for one day, one week, or a whole month, and then a report will be generated showing the results. The price starts at $19 per month (and can be as much as $99 per month), but a free version is available which allows you to track the first 5000 visitors in a month.

It's a good way to get an overview about how users are using your web site, what they are interested in, so that it can be adjusted accordingly.

About Gigahost Pro

A few days ago, we released Gigahost Pro, our new virtual server product. We've been happy to receive a lot of positive feedback, although some customers have let us know that they think it's a quite advanced product which requires a lot of technical knowledge. However, this is “intentional”. Gigahost Pro is not a “packaged” hosting product which comes with everything you need, but an product you can set up to cater to most hosting needs by yourself. We still plan to expand the regular hosting product with new features, to accommodate those who would like support for more features (or more programming languages) without having to set up everything by yourself. If you come to think of any feature you'd like to see in Gigahost, do not hesitate to let us know!

Welcome to Gigahost Blog

Finally we got our blog up and running. We’ll post updates regarding Gigahost, and what goes on behind the scenes (and a bit of fun sometimes).