Free Gigahost stickers!

Free Gigahost stickers!

Finally, we have gotten what so many have asked for, Gigahost merchandise! You can – at absolutely no charge – get five stickers (4x32 cm) if you write your username and the address you would like them sent to, to

New! Protect your Websites with HTTPS

New! Protect your Websites with HTTPS

We’ve just made it possible to use secure HTTPS connections for domains hosted at Gigahost, and it is very easy to get started.

Why use HTTPS and SSL?

Whenever you visit a page with HTTPS, the entire connection is encrypted with a protocol called SSL. All traffic sent from the server to the visitor is encrypted, which is especially useful when you are on a public wifi network and do not trust every router and network on the way to the server.

To use HTTPS in a proper way, a certificate must be issued for every domain you desire to protect.

Easy and Affordable

For just 69 DKK per month (including VAT), you can protect a domain with HTTPS. The price includes the SSL certificate, private dedicated IP address, and that we set up the domain to use SSL. The content from the domain’s folder will automatically be shown over the secure connection, when the website is visited over HTTPS.

Works with all Popular Browsers

We only use certificates from approved certificate authorities, which work in all popular browsers — including browsers on mobile telephones and other mobile devices.

Private IP Address

Due to the way SSL works, it is necessary for each domain name to have its own dedicated IP address. This is included in the price, and we automatically set up the IP address to use with the domain name. Both regular HTTP and secure HTTPS will respond on the IP address.

How to get Started

We take care of the whole process with our new One-Click SSL system. This means you don’t have to bother with certificate requests and issues, keys, IP addresses, or anything else. Everything is set up for you, automatically.

In order to enable HTTPS for a domain, please log in to the Control Center and choose the domain. Go to the tab called “Security” and click “Set up SSL” to get started!

Disk Space Double-Up

Disk Space Double-Up

One of the unique features on Gigahost is that the available disk space is ever increasing. Like on Gmail, the capacity will continously grow to allow for storing more files, databases, and e-mails — and you can always follow the currently available space on our front page counter. However, we’ve decided to help the counter a bit by doubling the disk space available for each user.

Each user will now have more than 15000 megabytes of space, to be used by databases, emails, or the website files. And as always, you can have as many domain names you like on the same account, with each its own content.

Like before, it is possible to purchase more disk space, at the price of 3 DKK/GB per month.

.info domain names at £ 1

.info domain names at £ 1

Until February 28 you can purchase .info domain names at just DKK 10 (£ 1) a piece, including VAT and all fees.

Order your domain name in the Control Center or using our new domain search.

Update: The offer is now finished, however we hope to return with new domain offers soon.

Set up automated replies in the Control Center

Set up automated replies in the Control Center

One much-requested feature has been the ability to send automated replies to emails, in case you are on holidays or is for some other reason unable to respond to emails. This is now possible to set up in the Control Center.

This feature has been some time underway, because we wanted to do it right. In the future it will furthermore be possible to set up auto-replies in webmail, without having to log on the Control Center.

New price: £3/month

Since we lanched Gigahost in 2005, we've kept the same monthly price. For just one amount, it's been possible to collect web pages, domains, and email address on one account, as well as to use statistics, unlimited databases, advanced PHP with adjustable settings, cron jobs, and much more. And it will stay that way. We're very happy about our concept, and wish to keep things as simple as possible. In order to be able to continue the development and improvement of our product, and to deliver the same high level of service, we now increase the monthly price to £ 3 per month. You still get the same Gigahost account you've always known, for less than 10 pence a day. If you are already a customer, you will not be affected by the increase before your current term ends. Thus, you won't be billed extra for your remaining time on your account.

Diners Club payment option now available

Diners Club payment option now available

Diners Club is accepted by 7 million people all over the world. Should you be one of those, you can now use your card to pay for services at Gigahost. Whenever you perform a payment, you can enter your Diners Club number as well as any of the other possible credit card methods.

We hope that patrons of the Diners Club will be delighted with the news.

Get your .com, .net, .info, .me, or .mobi domains at very low prices!

We are introducing a special pricing on some domain name types.

This time we are offering a discount on registration of .com, .net, .info, .me, and .mobi domain names. The prices for the first year is as follows:

.comDKK 49Valid throughout January
.netDKK 49Valid throughout January
.infoDKK 29Valid throughout January
.comDKK 69Valid until March 31
.mobiDKK 69Valid until June 30

The prices are valid for domain name registration and 1 year use, and include VAT and any applicable ICANN fees or other fees.