A message from Gigahost Public Service :)

Sometimes, we will send important messages to our customers, such as if a hosting account or domain is about to expire, or in case of other important circumstances regarding the account. And if it should happen that you lose the password for the Gigahost account, the contact information is the only means for us to verify your identity and provide access to the account again. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the contact information and ensure it is correct.

Specifically, we sometimes note that an old or invalid email address is registered for the account. This can result in the account being deactivated, because our reminder emails do not come through. So please check that the contact info in the Control Center is entered correctly:

  1. Log on to the Control Center
  2. Select “Settings” and then “Contact Information”
  3. Verify that email, snailmail address, and phone numbers are correctly entered.

If you forget the password for a Gigahost account, and if we are not able to contact you on the addresses given in the Control Center, you will lose access to the account altogether, including the private data located on it. This is because we (naturally) will not give out such information to anyone but the person who owns the account.

So, again, please take a moment to make sure all your information is up-to-date :)